Rae in 2x01 “Alarm”

So I started My Mad Fat Diary this week (am already caught up), and can I just say what an amazing show it is? I empathize so much with Rae. While her problems are on the surface quite different from the ones I had growing up, I do know what body image issues and self-loathing feel like. I do know what it feels like to run away from your problems, to make bad decisions, to be a mess. (I think a lot of us do, actually.) And Sharon Rooney portrays Rae so beautifully, she repeatedly brings tears to my eyes.

Still, I probably wouldn’t react so strongly to the storyline if it weren’t set in the mid-90s. I was a young teenager at that time, a bit younger than Rae, but so much about the show (the music, the clothes, not having cellphones or computers…) reminds me of my own time at school. I repeatedly catch myself drifting off during an episode, thinking about stuff I did at that age, or a song will bring up memories and I’ll just stare off into space for a few seconds, remembering.

It’s a trip down memory lane that occasionally punches me in the gut with raw emotion, and I really appreciate it.


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